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Hop Rhizomes 2013

Despite the frigid temps and wind and snow here in the Northeast lately we never stop thinking about spring. My email inbox lately has been getting hammered with notifications of pre-order sales for hop rhizomes.

For those that don’t know a rhizome is a small cutting of root stock from a mature hop plant. These cuttings are usually 3-5 inches long and contain one or two little green buds. You build a mound, dig a hole and put this little piece of root in the ground.



Growing your own hops is an interesting part of the beer brewing hobby. John has a couple plants going himself.

I figured this year might be my year to start a little hop yard.  My wife and I have been in our current house for two years.  Now that I have a feel for how the spring and summer sun rise and set, its time to tear out some bushes, set up some trellis’ and start growing hops.  I was thinking of planting 4 varieties, two rhizomes a piece.  But I might be over stretching, we’ll see.

Maybe in the summer if I can get the project off the ground we’ll shoot some videos from the hop yard!

If you’re interested in getting your own hop plant started try these resources for getting your rhizomes:

Beer and Wine Hobby



Braggot Recipe


Mosaic Hops

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  1. We will be stocking rhizomes too. call for more info 636-797-8155

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