Citra Hops

Yes, Citra hops. This is a new, popular hop with homebrewers and it is easy to see why.

Sierra Nevada used this hop variety in their Torpedo Extra IPA.  I think beer lovers and homebrewers are impressed with its tropical fruit flavor and aroma and the complexities that come with that sort of flavor profile.  I did some research into the variety and I present it here.

This is a compilation of the information that is out there about Citra hops:

It was bred as a hybrid of a number of different hops.  The breakdown is as follows:

50% Hallertauer Mittelfrüh

25% U.S. Tettnanger

25% East Kent Golding, Bavarian, Brewers Gold, and other unknown hops.

Origin: USA!  USA!  Presented at the World Brewing Congress in August of 2008.

Aroma/Flavor: Lots of descriptors out there:  Citrus, peach, apricot, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, melon, gooseberry, lychee fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya and other tropical fruit flavors and aromas.  So, ah, fruity.

I found one more: Guava.

Alpha Acid: 10 to 12%

Typical Usage: Flavor and Aroma.  Plus, you could brew a pretty great single hop beer with Citra.

Beer Styles: So far, IPAs but I think any style where you want to showcase hop flavors and aromas.

Since I wrote this post, these hops have become widely available.  You can find them for sale online at many homebrew shops.

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