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Oktoberfest At My House

Who needs to go to Munich when we could have Oktoberfest at my house in MA, USA?

Ok, it’s not going to be Oktoberfest. Not even close…but…

What if Mike brews up that Märzen that he’s been threatening to make?

Wouldn’t that be great to drink along with some Southern BBQ?

BBQ in the autumn air…drinking a nice malty German lager…sounds just about perfect.

I’ll pick some sauerkraut if people really want it, but come on…would you rather have some slaw?

Just musing on Märzens, Smoke, Autumn, and beer fests today.

Let’s reconvene in 2 months and see if we can get this going.


Smoked Malt


Citra Hops

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  1. Awesome. I’ll take some kraut. You can keep the slaw.

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