Calypso Hops

I am always on the lookout for new hop varieties to use for homebrewing. With the help of a little search engine known as Goggle or something like that, I find information from different sources and try my best to compile them all into a full profile. In the past, I would just write it up but now if I find ones that I don’t think are widely available – I’ll wait untill I see them for sale somewhere.

Also, if I see that people reading our site are searching for a specific variety we haven’t written a post for it, I’ll get on my research cap and start compiling and writing.

We got a bunch of searches for Calypso hops over the past few months, so here is the profile.

From the site, it appears they were bred by them and they are a cross between a couple of their own male/female hop varieties (the male one was derived from Nugget) and another non-branded hop variety known as USDA 19058m. Release year was 2011.

Now for the round up of other points of interest:

Origin: USA

Aroma/Flavor: Hints of pear and apple, some say lemon lime – Meyer lemon, notes of earthly tea, pleasant

Alpha Acid: 12 to 14%

Typical Usage: The official site has it down as a dual purpose hop.

Beer Styles: Saison? IPA? Maybe try a single hop pale ale and see if you like them.