If you have been following our twitter feed (http://twitter.com/BrewDudes), you already know that these Brew Dudes have had a few brew sessions over the past few days. Mike brewed up a Munich Helles on Friday night and I brewed up a simple wheat ale on Saturday night.

We have a big party coming up towards the end of July and the Bohemian Pilsner probably won’t be ready in time, so a quick American wheat ale will do the trick.

Plus, it gives me a good base beer for adding fruit to the secondary to make a berry beer suitable for a large audience.

It was a full boil extract brew which made for an easy going session under the stars. From start to finish, it only took me 2.5 hours which added to the easiness of the session.

I’ll post the recipe soon but here’s a teaser – it was the first time I used the Cry Havoc yeast strain.

Photos of the brew session:

The boil was mysterious.  Well, not really…but the photo makes it look like I was boiling with dry ice.

Two vials of Cry Havoc yeast.  No time for a starter.

The hydrometer reading after the boil.  I had to add a few points because my wort was warmer than 60°F.  Starting gravity was more like 1.054.