It’s the ultimate Fuggles SMaSH beer comparison. One of our viewers, Alexis from France, sent us French-grown Fuggle hops. So, we decided to brew beers to conduct a side-by-side comparison of UK Fuggles and French Fuggle hops to understand the differences in flavor and aroma. Knowing that Mike dislikes this hop variety, could he work up the strength to power through this beer comparison and share his learnings with the world?

Just watch.

Brewing Fuggles SMaSH Beers

To do a proper comparison, these beers needed to be the same except for the hops. If you’re new to the Brew Dudes SMaSH set up, here are the details.

The beers are brewed in a one-gallon batch size using two pounds of two-row malt and fermented with US-05 yeast. Then, the same hop schedule is followed using 28 grams of hops in total for each beer.

Here is the hop schedule:

  • 7 grams for the beginning of the boil
  • 14 grams at 20 minutes to go in the boil
  • 7 grams added at flame out

After the wort is cooled and the yeast is pitch, these beers fermented for two weeks at about 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

What Were The Differences?

Well, Mike found both beers to be super drinkable (miracles never cease). He states that there are significant differences between the two varieties when tasted side by side.

Both hops present a floral aroma. In the beer with the French Fuggles, the flavor was softer and more had more of that floral flavor. The UK one is more earthy and woody.

We both prefer the softer and gentler French version, but we think that the UK version has a more aggressive bittering presence, which might be preferred by homebrewers who want a stronger, earthy flavor in their English ales.

Thanks to Alexis who sent us the hops. There are more French hops that he sent so there are more to explore.

Brew ON!