If you keg your homebred beer, you know that you have to keep your beer lines clean. We always say that you should use the specialized cleaners for this hobby. Don’t use dish soap since that will leave a residue that you’ll need to work hard to rinse it out. Bar King, a sub-brand of 5 Star North in Nashua, NH sent us their powdered beer line cleaner to review. Since we both have keg lines to clean, we got to it.

Powdered Keg Line Cleaner

This product comes in pouches in powdered form. The beer line cleaner I have used in the past comes in liquid form, so this format is different for sure. Looking at their site, this cleaner comes with their cleaning system – a container that allows you to pump the cleaning solution through your lines.

One packet makes 32 ounces or just under a liter of cleaning solution. Add the powder to water and mix it. The water will turn a blueish color, which allows you to see the cleaner in your lines. Once its pumped through the lines, you let the product sit and stay in contact with your beer lines. The cleaner will break down any build-up the lines have collected over time. After the time is up, rinse the lines until they are clear and you’re good to go.

What Did We Think Of This Cleaner?

We both cleaned our keg lines with Bar King’s product and were happy to report our success. It was easy to prepare and easy to pump it through the lines. You have to love cleaners where all you have to do is maintain contact with the surface. Like, yeah, I can do that. No scrubbing is always a plus.

Once it is rinsed through, beer was flowing once again. The quality of the pour was apparent. The beer tasted great as there was not signs of cleaner in the beer – which is a great thing. I don’t need to be drinking something that may be extremely detrimental to my health. Make sure you rinse well, guys.

That’s what we got. You can find this product on Amazon as a part of their cleaning kits. Find the one for your ball lock kegs and you’re all set.