So there was a deal on South African hops from Yakima Valley Hops where I could get a pound of Southern Passion hops for a nice price. With a pound of hops, I was in for a penny and in for a pound. I thought it was silly just to make a one gallon batch so I brewed an NEIPA with that large amount of hops to learn more. Watch this video for our thoughts!

Our Thoughts

With a pound of hops, you have to hope that you’re investing the ingredient properly into your beer. There is always a risk, but I found that the descriptors on the packet enticing.

Even though the descriptors had more tropical fruit callouts, we found this hops in this beer to be more citrusy, landing in the orange realm. There were some other fruit flavors but not a lot of pineapple or papaya.

It made for a great beer. I think I am going to doctor the beer a bit with some CyroAmarillo hops. Keep an eye out for a future post!