Mike brewed two beers. As he has done in the past, he brewed a 10 gallon mash run and then made two 5 gallon batches from it. One was a Cream ale but the other one was a new style for us both. Here’s our examination of Mike’s first attempt at a Kentucky Common Beer.

Tasting Notes

We’ll ignore the Cream Ale because that’s old hat. He made his mash with twice the amount of flaked maize because that is what the Kentucky Common style calls for.
We found the Kentucky Common’s flavor was pretty. The one flaw we talked about was its color. The beer is not quite dark enough to be a Kentucky Common. Besides this flaw, the beer a nice drinker.

The grain bill contained mostly Pilsner malt with a big addition of flaked maize. The hops Mike used were Cluster for bittering and Liberty hops for flavor, which he added at 10 minutes left to go in the boil and for aroma, added at flameout.

Let us know what you think of Kentucky Common and whether you’ve ever tried to make one!

Brew ON!