If you have been watching our videos for a while, you may have noticed a beer in a carboy on Mike’s left. It’s been sitting there for years. People have asked about it. We have evaded the questions. Finally, we have an answer.

Some things are worth the wait, especially a sour beer miracle.

Discover how Mike rescued a sour beer by adding a blend of sweet and tart cherries, lactose, and cherry flavor extract. The result? A refreshing and natural fruit-flavored beer with some hints of what brettanomyces left behind.

We can save this beer!

The Rescue Plan

Mike’s plan was simple yet effective. He used a combination of techniques to add some sweetness, fruit character, and depth to his golden sour ale. Here’s a breakdown of his cherry rescue mission:

Fruity Infusion: First up – frozen cherries. He thawed them out and gave them a good mashing to release all their flavor. A gentle heating helped break them down even further before they were incorporated into the beer.

A Little Lactose: To counteract the inherent sourness of the aged beer, he added lactose sugar. This addition not only adds a touch of sweetness but also added body and produced a smoother mouthfeel.

The Cherry (Extract) on Top: For an extra cherry punch, he included a small amount of cherry flavor extract. This addition guaranteed a recognizable cherry presence without overpowering the natural flavors from the mashed fruit.

After combining all the elements, he let the concoction sit for a few days to allow the flavors to meld. Then, then it was time to taste.

Sour Beer Miracle Thoughts

So, how did this sour ale rejuvenation turn out? I think we are satisfied with the results. The final product is a delightful sour cherry ale. The tartness and the brett character from the base beer are subdued by the burst of cherry flavor.

I am not sure if the lactose brings noticeable sweetness but its effect on the body is a big part of the miracle. Overall, the beer had a wonderful depth of character, thanks to the Brett fermentation and the long aging process.

The sour beer miracle is a testament to the power of creativity and resourcefulness in homebrewing. So next time you have a neglected brew lurking in the back of your fridge, don’t give up on it! With a little ingenuity and some fresh ingredients, you might just discover a hidden gem.

Cheers and BREW ON!