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Solera Project Update 2 – The Latest

Hey there – Because a guy named Jonathan asked us on YouTube to provide an update on Mike’s Solera project, we give you this video and post.

Here’s a spoiler alert. The update is not what you think it will be.

Solera Update Details

So the Solera project has taken a bit of a change in direction. Mike says that the project is still on the table. The issue that Mike faced is that the golden sour beer is still delicious, it’s very clear, and it didn’t need to be racked to another carboy.

Fundamentally, the sour beer he made was too good to split and to start a solera procedure.

Instead, he put half of the beer in a keg so we will be tasting that soon.

The other half was put into another carboy and added to a mix of sweet and sour cherries. This beer should be ready to taste in a few months. He’s trying to get a kriek-like thing going. If you can’t dare to part with a good tasting sour beer, make a couple of different versions of it and pivot.

Here is the pivot. Mike took a big portion of the slurry and he is going to use it on an upcoming brew day where he will produce 12 gallons of wort and split that batch into two 6 gallon buckets.

One is a repeat of the golden beer and the second one will be more like a Flanders Red. He’s probably going to add a steep of dark grains to the second batch to add the color necessary.

Mike has the equipment ready and the plan to move forward. In the meantime, we will have some sour beers to taste pretty soon. I can’t wait because it will give me some ideas for the 15 gallons of sour beers I have in my basement right now. At some point in the next few months, I need to make a plan to blend the old and young beers into a Gueuze.

We will keep you up to date on all the sour things that these Brew Dudes have going in our cellars.

Thanks for your attention and participation.



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  1. brewella deville

    So many interesting brews being talked about here lately. Thanks for the good stuff, guys.

  2. Thanks Brewella!

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