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Munich Lager Recipe

If you follow along regularly, you may remember John and I are planning an epic lager “marathon” through the late Spring and Summer.  Our Master of Lagers series is rapidly approaching (although we haven’t set the date yet to start).

For my first lager round I’ll be attempting to accomplish a couple goals at once.  I want to focus on Munich Malt so  I can really understand its flavor profile. As a result, I am going to do a SMaSH beer (second long term goal I have had).  SMaSH stands for Single Malt and Single Hop.  I’ll talk more about SMaSHing soon.  For now this is my first lager recipe for my end of the 6 part lager brewing series.

Munich Lager SMaSH

Batch 6.5 gal final
Eff: 70%
OG 1.055
IBUs ~30

15lbs Munich Malt
1.5oz Hallertauer 60min
1.0oz Hallertauer 30min

Yeast WLP830 German Lager Yeast (or WLP838)


Pretty short and clean.


New Hop Rhizomes


SMaSH Brewing

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  1. Chris

    How did it turn out? I still have around 20 lbs. of Munich Malt ( 6L ) in my basement that is a year old now and I want to use it up. This recipe may do just that. All Munich Malt? I have never tasted a lager that used all Munich Malt before, but read about it many times. I do like the SMaSH recipes as they are simple to brew. I like to keep things uncomplicated, especially with lagers. Nice site, I visit here often.

    Thanks and cheers,


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