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Masters of Lagers

Mike and I have started talking about our brewing plans for the upcoming year.   One of these plans is to become masters of lagers.

We will complete our apprenticeship by:

  1. Brewing at least 6 lagers during the year.
  2. Choosing one lager yeast strain and using it for all the lagers. After starting the first brew with a mighty starter, the following lager worts will be racked on top of the yeast cake that is left over from the preceding lager.
  3. Get a better handle on our water chemistry.
With healthy yeast and better water chemistry, we should be able to brew better lagers.
Also, we will be combining our resources.  Fermentation will happen in my fridge and lagering will happen in his temperature controlled chest freezer.


Reviving a Yeast Starter


Beer Contamination in the Keg


  1. Scott

    Cool, this is my goal two years out. 2012 is all-grain for me. I’m looking forward to following the topic.

  2. The topic should be epic! We just need to finalize our lager choices.

  3. chris

    Break out the steins and the Masskrugs……I’ve been drinking a selection of german bock recently……i think i may have to try my arm at lager also. Celebrator is simply astounding.

  4. Chris

    I will certainly follow this with interest. I have brewed a few lagers ( dry and liquid yeast ) and I didn’t like any of them. Too much diacetyl and that dreaded sulphur taste. The brews with dry lager yeast were terrible. Maybe I can pick up a few pointers here, and give it another go with lagers.

  5. Yes – need to nail down the lager choices. Dopplebock, anyone?

    I keep reading the title of this post and “Master of Puppets” runs through my head.

  6. Mark

    Vienna Lager is my personal favorite, if you can get a nice vienna malt that is.

  7. Table Top Brewing

    Look forward to reading more… Lager is a favorite type of beer of mine. Cannot wait to see how yours turn out.

  8. Thanks for the update .I will be loiokng at joining, even though I’m leaving Austin after 32 years here. The Gulden Draak clone is still brewing, but next time I’ll use a bit darker malt to try to duplicate the color of Gulden Draak. Similar in color to Old Blevins this year but with a different hop taste. The Old Blevins is quite tasty, as I intend to re-sample this evening.Keep up the great work folks.JC

  9. Thanks Braydon – good luck on your move!

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