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Double Brew Session TONIGHT!

Well I am finally getting around to brew.  Its been a while and I can’t wait to get those propane burners fired up.  Last night I did most of my preparation to trim a little time off of what will surely be a late brew session.  I weighed and crushed my grains, set out my mash tun and set out my two burners and hooked up the propane tanks.  I also filled one pot with 8 gallons of water for my mash.  So all I have to do when I get home after work will be to light the burner and wait for things to come to temp.

Tonight I am going to be doing two beers a Kolsch and an American IPA.  As a Brew Dudes first, I am going to be using a technique that I have been experimenting with but I haven’t talked about much here yet.  I am going to be only doing one very large mash, then pulling enough wort for both beers with the same grain base (also called the grist). I don’t have a catchy name for the technique yet, but I a sort of like Doubling Down Mashing.  More on the specifics later, but for now if you follow this brew-log you get a glimpse of how its done.

I already posted my Kolsch recipe, I’ll be sure to get the IPA written up before my next update to this brew-log.

I’ll try and get some results up to the site tomorrow with some pictures of the session.
Happy Brewing!


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  1. hey if anyone is around i have a question about my batch. i an making India pale ail (coopers) used 300g of sugar (corn) and 500g of dry malt extract i have had it on for on day 4 it seemed to stop fermenting i checked the sg and said 1.010 i was told by the brew store that i needed to add yeast energizer and to increase the temp from 21C to 28C so i did. after day 9 i still read 1.010 SG and temp of 28C the brew has a cloudy look smells good though. i was wondering if the malt will make this look the way it does or why it seemed to stall after 4 days. if by chance there is no sugar left in the batch and i added the yeast energizer when i prime the bottles am i going to be in for a surprise. please respond quick i am planning to bottle tonight thanks… chris bogue

  2. Well if the SG was 1.010 I’d say fermentation was done at day 4, not stalled out. However, I recommend leaving any beer to sit in primary for at least 10 days, preferably 2 weeks. I think your beer is going to turn out fine.
    There is no reason to add yeast energizer to this batch. I doubt that you need energizer in any batch if you are using healthy fresh yeast.
    I would recommend looking into using a yeast starter in the future.

    Sorry we didn’t get back to you ASAP on this one. I am sure your bottled brew will be fine either way. Write back after it’s bottled up and carbed to let us know how it turned out.

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