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This week’s video is pretty straight forward.  We decided to talk about a few comments left by readers.  The intent was to maybe add a little something that we didn’t respond to or to give a little nod to your efforts for commenting.

We really appreciate the comments we get and wanted to take a moment to respond to a couple of them.  Keep the comments coming and we can take it a little further in the future.

The first comment comes from John’s Mosaic SMaSH Recipe post.  Do those Moasaic Hops really have a blueberry character to them? Vinny weighs in with personal experiences with similar hops.

The second comment comes from Mike’s Bottle Dregs Update post.  More like a culturing failure, but Fred and Jeff both offer suggestions for getting some souring bugs ready for wort.

The last comment we picked out of the pile was in reply to John’s Grain Mill Purchase post. Jym Ferrier tells us about the status of his mill after 2 years of service.

We just picked out a few and plan to chat about more in the future.  Got something to say? Leave a comment and maybe we’ll pull you out the hat next time!



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  1. brewella deville

    After thirty+ batches, I was hit by my first infected batch. I believe the culprit was an acetobacter infected two step starter (none of my one step starters have ever become infected). Here’s my question. Will a scrub and multi hour soak in PBW followed by a good soak in Starsan be enough to wipe this out, or will I have to replace all my plastic from the fermenter on down to the bottling wand? I’d rather not use bleach on plastic, and if I can avoid spending money to replace everything that would be great, but is it too late after even one infection? I’ve searched your site and read a few posts about infections, and I’m wondering what approach you took to deal with them.

  2. Mike

    Hey Brewella

    A good soak in hot PBW followed by a solid Star San soak should take care of it all. These bugs aren’t normally any harder to kill than everything else in the air where our equipment is stored. As long as your equipment is in good shape without any major crevices or scratches I am a believer in the PBW and StarSan combo.
    Go for it and let us know if you’re next batch comes out fine.

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