Brown Ale#3: Brewed 4/1/2013

OG 1052
IBUs 25
FG 1015
Efficiency 75%
Batch size 7 gallons post boil (I know that’s an annoying # but its how my system works!!)

12lb UK Pale Malt
10oz Crystal 60L
10oz Special Roast
10oz Briess Chocolate Malt (350L)
1.75oz EKG 60min
Nottingham Yeast (repitched 200ml from slurry)

Mash temp 152F 40 min
Ramp to mash out at 168F during final 20min of mash.
Constant Recirc of Mash.



Brewed up this version of Northern English Brown Ale in Feb 16, 2012.  Goal was to get something a little lighter in color with more toasty and caramel notes.  Also wanted to have that solid Nut Brown breadiness in there.  I think it worked out great, here it is:

12.5# Pale Malt (US)
1.0#Crystal 60L
0.5# Pale Chocolate Malt (200L)
0.25# Chocolate Malt (400L)
2.0 oz East Kent Goldings (5%AA)
S-04 Fermentis English Ale Yeast

This was for 7.5 gallons in the kettle post boil.
OG 1052
FG 1018 (little high due to yeast issues, not recipe)
IBUs 24
SRM 19
ABV ~4.5%

This recipe came out spot on in color.  The toffee aroma is amazing.  I might re-tweek this one more time and split the crystal between some 60L and 40L…we’ll see.  Its drinking really nice as it is.  I’ve been getting into keeping my grain bills pretty simple and straightforward and it shows in the results of this beer.