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Belgian White Beer Bottling Day

I bottled the Belgian White Beer that I brew up a couple of weeks ago last night.  Here are the good notes from the session.

  • I hit my targeted final gravity: 1.010
  • The weird off flavor that plagued my other Wit wasn’t present at bottling
  • The orange zest flavor is present in this beer
  • The color looked good, which was another issue with the other beer

We’ll see how it comes out, but the orange zest flavor could be too much.  I don’t know.  Mike will probably like it.

When I was moving some stuff around, I noticed I still had a bottle of the old beer in the fridge.  It must have survived the great purge I had a month ago.  It will be interesting to compare  the new one with the old one and see how much I improved things.


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  1. What are you trying to say about me and orange zest? I’ll have to put my UFO White clone into the rotation and we’ll compare orange kick head to head.

  2. You like your orange wheats…That’s all. Yeah, I think that will be a good comparison.

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