You searched for it so you get it – Motueka Hops!

This variety is closely related to the other New Zealand aroma hop – Riwaka hops

They were bred by HortResearch and are a combination of Saaz (one-third) and NZ varieties (two-thirds).

Originally named “Belgian Saaz” because a famous Belgian brewery chose to use them in one of their beers.  The name was then shorted to B Saaz because they aren’t really fro Belgium.

Motueka is the name of a town in New Zealand, which is near the town of Riwaka.

Aroma: Motueka hops have a noble aroma with citrus/tropical fruit notes.  Lemon and Lime with the spiciness of Saaz.

Alpha Acid: 6.5 to 7.5%

Typical Usage: Pitched as a dual purpose.  Could make an interesting single hop brew.

Beer Styles: Since I just brewed a Bohemian Pilsner, I think they would make for a punchy version of the style.  English Bitters were mentioned.  Belgian Ales.