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Riwaka Hops

Yeah! Another New Zealand hops to profile.  This time around, it’s Riwaka hops.

Developed in the HortResearch Hop Research Centre in the small town of Riwaka, they were bred from Saaz hops and NZ varieties.

I have a development year of 1997. I am unsure of when they became available commercially.

Origin: New Zealand

Aroma: Grapefruit. From description, it appears to be have west coast USA hop aroma properties

Alpha Acid: 4.5% to 6.5%

Typical Usage:  Aroma, but imparts bittering qualities like Saaz does when used early in the boil.

Beer Styles: Bohemian pilsner anyone? Could supplement other American hop late additions in an APA.


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  1. Yes, New Zealand hops are great! I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and I got my hands on some West Coast hertiage hops (I’m growing them in my garden) from an old brewery site built in the 1800s. I should get a harvest in March/April… perfect time for an small batch of ale.

  2. Eric

    I made my second batch of Bohemian Pilsner this weekend before the nor’easter hit. I will have to find and try these next time. Where did you find them?

    The grapefruit aroma is intriguing.

  3. Kiwi Beginner Brewer

    If you can get hold of some of these hops you will not be disappointed. They are simply delicious. I am by far an experienced brewer but when I opened these hops for my latest brew I nearly fell over in ecstacy. Juicy yummy aroma that reminded me of some beautiful craft brewed IPA’s I have tried from some great craft brewers here in New Zealand. Do try.

  4. There are a few online homebrew shops that carry them. I don’t think they are easy to find but they are available.

  5. i use riwaka in one of my best selling recipes theyre a beuatiful hop loads of flavour, unfortunately not enough produced! try the mateuka hop has well(another saaz derivative) when combined these are mind blowing!

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