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Maine Brewers Festival in Portland

I’m in Portland ME tonight for the fest tomorrow.
Just got back from the Seadog Brewpub.
Had a very nice sampler:
Special Brewers Brown Ale
Portland Pale on Cask
Riverdriver Porter
English Mild
Pale Ale
Blonde Ale
Owls Head light

Not my favorite brewery, but I wanted to check out the new Brewpub location.



East Kent Goldings Hops


Bottling Hard Cider


  1. Gary Frank

    How was the brew fest? I lived in Wiscasset a few years ago and went to the beer fest. Had a good time, that was when – crap ! just went brain dead. The brewery was down town and had a great IPA. On the south end of town, as I recall.

  2. Brewski

    The best festival in the area has got to be the Craft Beer Festival at the Seaport World trade Center in Boston. I have been there for 3 years running. It is held on Father’s Day weekend. Check it out.

  3. Yes, we agree that the American Craft Beer fest is the best in the area. It’s bigger and climate controlled.

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