I took the family to London. With points racked up from business travel over the past decade, it was time to cash in. Even though it was a family trip, there is plenty to discuss from a beer (and cider) perspective. We even chat over the mineral content of the English spring water. Beer geeks from near and far unite – check out this London Trip Recap. It’s better than photo slides projected onto a wall, I swear!

Beers, Ciders, and Mineral Water

Spring Water With Big Mineral Content

In the hotel, there was canned spring water that had a higher mineral content than what we’re used to back home. It was different, but not necessarily better or worse, just something to note. It reminded me of the beer brewing salts experiments that Mike took us through recently.

Camden Pal Ale

I came across Camden Pale Ale, which seemed to be widely available around the city. I brought a can home from Mike to try. It’s a blend of British taste with American hops, giving it a piney, bitter flavor profile with hints of citrus. It isn’t the best we’ve ever tasted, but worth a try.

Ciders on Ice

Other than beers in the pubs, there were the ciders. I tried a few, including Sandford Devon Red Supreme. Most of the time, they were served with a pint glass filled with ice. It was revelation. I can image having a cider on ice on a hot summer day and it being a totally refreshing experience.

Warm Spiced Mead

On one raw, rainy day, I sampled a warmed spiced mead. It hit the spot. Even though I knew of this serving method, I haven’t prepared mead this way at home. I prefer it to mulled wine.

London Trip Recap – Beers and Cheers

Overall, it was a pleasant experience exploring different beverages in London. It’s always interesting to see how differently the city approached these drinks, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with some of these back home.