Just got this email from some guy named Samuel Adams:

Hello Homebrewers,

Your entries in the 2008 Samuel Adams American Homebrew Contest® - LongShot have been pouring into the drop locations. Unfortunately the entry window closes today (May 1st).

Please do not fret if your status on the website still reads as "pending". Our good friends at Beer, Beer, & More Beer in California, Two Brother's Brewing in Chicago, and the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston are hard at work opening the boxes, sorting the entries, and logging them into the system.

We're hoping to have all entries logged over the next few days but his process may take a week or so due to the volume of entries. Once your entry is processed into the system, you will receive an automatic email notifying you of your status.

Please know that your beers will be handled and stored with the same quality of care that you put into brewing them. First round judging events will take place throughout the month of May and into early June. You will receive your score sheets a few weeks after that.

We're looking forward to tasting your beer! Good luck and happy homebrewing

My brews are in and the status has changed from “Pending” to “Received” for both.

LongShot Competition Status

Brew On!