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Jarrylo Hops – Profile and SMaSH Tasting

These Brew Dudes have written a good number of hop profiles over the years. Take a look at our Hop category link over on the right if you don’t believe us. With all of that writing, the one thing we have never done is written up a post that shares our research but also shares our own experience with the hop. This Jarrylo hops profile is attempting to do just that.

This video has our tasting notes of a SMaSH beer that we brewed last month with Jarrylo. Watch this and read the more detailed information below:

The Name

First off, what is up this name? According to the American Dwarf Hop Association, these hops are named after the Slavic god of vegetation, fertility and springtime – Jarilo.

From the ADHA, we learned that the pronunciation is one with a soft “g” sound like in the word “giraffe” or “jail” rather than a “y” sound like in the word “yellow”. Although there is an alternative spelling of the god that starts with a “y” (Yarilo), that’s not what they went with. No matter how you want to pronounce it, we can all agree it is an improvement from its non-brand name: ADHA 881.

Hop Type

Jarrylo hops are a dwarf hop variety and were cultivated from the same hop association that brought us Summit hops and Azacca hops. These varieties have come from the practice of growing hops in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The low trellis, dwarf hop movement is an interesting one and worth checking out. On top of it all, homebrewers get more varieties to brew with.

Jarrylo Hops High Level Specs

Origin: USA – their parentage include Summit hops and an unbranded ADHA hop. For those of you keeping score at home, their mom was Summit and their dad was ADHA 75 – 2.

Aroma: The online sources claim that they have notes of banana, pear and orange. Others include grassy, spicy and fruit. We detected blackberry and maybe some peach too.

Alpha Acid: 15 – 17%

Typical Usage: It is listed as dual purpose, probably because the alpha acids are in the high range. We think these hops are better for a flavor addition.

Beer Styles: Pale Ales, Saisons and Belgian ale. Jarrylo hops would go well as a complement to other hops that have different aroma and taste profiles. Due to their fruity flavors, they will go well with earthy or piney flavored hops.

SMaSH Beer Notes

If you watch the video, we taste a one gallon batch of this SMaSH beer. In addition to this tasting video, we made a video of the brew day for this beer.

To brew something like the SMaSH we tasted so that you can learn more about Jarrylo hops, follow these tips:

  • Use one pale malt. You can use an American two-row malt or a pale English malt.
  • Add the hop to different times in the boil.
    • Use a little bit at the beginning
    • Most at the end
    • Save some to dry hop
  • Use a clean or neutral yeast strain
    • We use Safale US-05
  • Taste with an open mind and clean palate

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed and learned something about this hop variety. If you have had experience with this hop, please leave a comment below.

Most of all, Brew ON!


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  1. Sebastián

    I can put liquid belgian yeast with this hop?

  2. Sure – you can brew a Belgian style and use this hop.

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