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Hop Rhizomes Ordered

I finally got around to ordering two hop rhizomes tonight.

Magnum Hop Rhizome

Mt. Hood Hop Rhizome

I bought a Magnum rhizomes because I have had difficulty buying the variety at my local brew shop and I wanted to grow a good bittering hop.

Mt. Hood was bred to be a Hallertauer replacement, so I thought it would be interesting to compare it to the noble hop. Plus, I wanted to grow a good aroma hop.

Once I get them, I’ll snap some photos and get more information about planting them.


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  1. JW


    When I bought my rhizomes (Centennial, Sterling), I had it in my mind to steer clear of the bittering hops, as I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the bittering right with the variable and unknown alpha acid levels. So I went with aroma / late addition hops with the intention of using commercial hops for my bittering contributions and the home-grown hops for flavor.

    Any thoughts on this?



  2. Ryan

    I bought one each of a cascade and magnum hop rhizome 2 years ago. One died, the other ought to be ready to harvest this fall. I can’t wait!

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