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Homegrown Hops Update

It’s been two months since I planted my Magnum hops rhizome into the ground and they are coming along nicely.

I have two strong bines climbing up twine and they are starting to sprout more bines.  Not bad compared to a month ago.

Plus, I didn’t get a close up shot but it appears I do have some hop flowers/burrs starting up.  They are pretty small but hopefully they grow into some nice cones.

Even More Magnum Hops Bines More Magnum Hops Bines Magnum Hops Bines

Hopefully by the start of August, we’ll have some pretty good results.


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  1. a recent hail storm destroyed my hops. Every leaf was stripped. And they were doing so well. I was sad.

    Good luck with the hops

  2. chemgeek-

    That news makes me sad.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that something awful will happen to my hops.

    I am thinking rabbits might eat mine.

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