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Hop Bines Progress

Some people wanted to see the latest progress with the Magnum hop bines I have growing in the back yard.  Here are some photos:

Hop Bines        Hop Bine Close up        Hop Bine Close up 2

They have now been growing for a month.  I planted them back on May 1.  If we have a really sunny June and July, I think we’ll really see them grow.

Four bines sprouted up from the rhizome.  I cut back the two small ones so that these two strong ones could go the distance.

I don’t have my hopes up.  This year, we are focusing on the root system.  Yay.  Go Root System!


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  1. curt

    hops are looking good. first year i let all my bines grow to help establish a good root system. the difference between first year and second year is staggering.

  2. Cool. Yeah, I wish I had taken the plunge a year ago. Here’s to 2011.

  3. I planted rhizomes a few weeks back and check every night, but nothing has sprouted up just yet. Two questions – how often do you water them and how long until the bines appeared?

  4. I don’t know how often John is water in his hops. When I was growing hops I used to water them every day. I know alot of guys who do a drip set up so they are getting water all the time. Hops like the water and do well with plenty of it. I am sure there is a limit though, so keep an eye on the saturation of the soil.

  5. I have been watering it often – after every sunny day.

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