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Homebrewing and The Superbowl

Homebrew and the big game: Two good things that go well together.

Lots of brown porter to go around last night.  It cooled off the hot wings fairly nicely.

What homebrews were you serving for the Superbowl?


Cascade Hops


Milk Stout Recipe


  1. I was drinking from the keg of American Brown Ale with all Cascade hops.
    Good maltiness with the chili I was eating.

  2. Cream stout. I drained the keg right after the game ended. Sad:(
    I had root beer for the kids.

  3. I brought some:

    An IPA with magnum, Amarillo and Cascade Hops
    A Belgian Dubble
    A Saison

    All went quickly and most were impressed. I have alot of friends that like the Yellow Fizzy stuff. They don’t care for flavor in there beer.

  4. I had 4 homebrews on tap for the Superbowl. You can read all the sordid details in my blog entry:

  5. Ken

    What a great experience. Drank my first home brew on Superbowl Sunday – an American Ale. For my first batch, not too bad. Great flavor, color and aroma but a little disappointed in the carbonation. Any suggestions for my next batch?

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