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Homebrewed Love

What’s a better expression of love than a tall glass of homebrewed beer?

Tall Glass of Homebrewed Beer

Seriously. You could spend all this money on other things that retailers want you to buy for this wacky holiday…or you could give something from the heart. You could give something that you put your own effort into making, and that has got to be worth a ton in this modern era.

So, give the gift of homebrewed love this Valentine’s Day. Your gift’s recipient will love you for it.*

*Just a gift suggestion from the Brew Dudes. Beer cannot make someone love you but it sure can help your cause. The Brew Dudes are not responsible for any breakups that occur after giving the gift of homebrewed love but dammit if they do break up with you, then it wasn’t meant to be and you are better off without them. So there.


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  1. I love you, man. Now where’s my beer? 🙂

  2. Too late. How about next year?

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