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Favorite Yeast

I simply ask: what is your favorite yeast?

I think it’s no secret that I use a lot of S-04 from Fermentis.  I tend to brew alot of English style ales, so the S-04 works for me.  I really enjoy its flocculating power and its flavor.

I will admit though, that I have not fully explored the wide range of English origin yeast available though White Labs and Wyeast.  I hope to start testing some of those strains out in some of my favorite English brews (Ordinary Bitter, English Dark Mild and Oatmeal Stout).

There seem to be a lot of readers these days chiming in with comments, so I put out this post together to hear what others are doing out there.

It can be your favorite yeast, you most often used yeast, or maybe you have a special yeast for your three favorite styles (e.g. American, German and Belgian yeasts)…

So let’s hear it!



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  1. Matt

    S-04 is great I know of Microbreweries that use it also and it can ferment at a low temp and its fairly clean …

  2. Yes, I agree with above. I am learning there are many micro’s that use Fermentis as their yeast. Which excites me and makes me want to explore with dry yeast. I have used WLP-029 German ale/Kolsch quite a bit. When fermented at low temp (~64) it can provide a very clean taste with a good flocculation. I believe this yeast is also very versatile as you can almost produce any american/german ale. I have heard some brewers use this yeast to make lagers. Honorable mention: WLP-002 English ale Up & coming:WLP-810 San Francisco Lager

  3. wlp029 & wlp002 are ones I’ve used a bunch. Something about really getting to know your ingredients. I’m always interested in trying new stuff though. Right now I’m trying some fermentis yeasts the english and the american have been great so far.

  4. Right now, I’m in love with WLP 002 (supposed to be Fuller’s, I think). Great flocculator! I also like the Irish ale yeast (WLP 004). I am working on getting the English ales down pat, as I’ve neglected them and really missed out on some great beer while working on the Belgians and more dramatic styles. I just made a dark mild…getting ready to pitch right now!

  5. I like Wyeast London ESB 1968 for ales and Wyeast 2206 Bavarian for lagers.

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