The end of June is nearly here. I have been steadily brewing once a month this year. A challenge issued to me by my wife; and I am loving every month of it. In fact I am seven brews into only 6 months of brewing. Here’s the tally:

Cream Ale- family favorite, good recipe but next time I plan to brew it with rice vs. corn
Raspberry Wheat- originally two cans of cherry puree, eventually got 1# frozen raspberry. The wife likes it, but I am ready to dump it out to make room in the kegorator.
Brown Ale- Amazing toffee nose, and an almost hazelnut finish. Plan to lighten the color next time around.
Pale Ale- Warrior hops are a good sub for Magnum. Happily this one got a nice late hop addition of Centennial hops before they become so hard to get. 4 days of dryhopping just too short.
Orange Wheat- I love this recipe, American Hefe yeast was a twist, still love WLP400 instead though.
Munich SMASH Lager- Amazingly orange color, still lagering so a true taste test remains to be done.
Munich Helles- Fermenting away quietly. Gravity and Diacetyl test this weekend.

Trouble with brewing every month is that I am having a hard time deciding what to brew next. I honestly didn’t think it would be this hard to choose each month.

Without much detail here’s the short list of ideas for my next couple brews in no specific order:
Belgian Triple with 40% Rye malt. Maybe a split batch with half of it getting a Brett finish.
Partigyle English Barelywine and English IPA.
Flanders Red or Berliner Weisse
Repeat of Brown Ale, Cream Ale and Oatmeal Stout (dec 2011)
Sweet potato beer
Dry Stout

I could go on and on.