I conducted some research into a hop variety that I have not used yet in my homebrewing sessions but this one caught my eye since it was an English variety. I present this information as our profile of First Gold Hops.

Bred by Wye College in Kent, they are the first dwarf hop variety that was specifically created for aroma additions in the English market.  Other dwarf hop varieties that we have examined on this site are:

Dwarf hops are ones that do not have tall bines, which makes them easier to harvest.  Believe me, hand picking hops cones for one plant was challenging.  I can understand how tough it may be to harvest a whole field, especially if you are doing with machines and trying to preserve the delicate cones.

They are a mix of the Whitbread Golding Variety, AKA WGV, and some unnamed dwarf hop variety.

Here are the typical specs that I write up:

Origin: UK  (see above)

Aroma/Flavor: Spicy, cinnamon, orange peel

Alpha Acid: 6.5% to 8.5%

Typical Usage: Aroma

Beer Styles: Extra Special Bitters, other English pale ales