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Fermentis US-05

We haven’t given enough attention to yeast profiles on this blog yet. So lets start with one of the most widely available and easiest to use yeasts: Fermentis US-05.

The Fermentis website describes this yeast as a “ready to pitch American ale yeast. Safale-US05 produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp end palate.”

This yeast is usually found in 11.5gram packets. The packets are usually red.

I have always used this yeast for most of my American style ale and some Scottish Ales. This yeast is best for any brew that you want to have a very clean and ingredient only drive flavor profile.

As a dry yeast its important to properly rehydrate it in water prior to pitching and it may be advantageous to pitch two packs for beers over 1.060 gravity.

I have a secret tip with this yeast:
This yeast performs really well right out of the packet. Some people complain that it has a little bit of a peachy or estery profile in the aroma. I have discovered that using this yeast as a repitch from slurry it performs even better. I find that it starts faster and it ferments out even cleaner than fresh from dry (or the leading American Ale yeast from some of the liquid yeast suppliers).
I like to brew a smaller pale ale or just a simple house ale for easy drinking. Then I use some of that slurry for a fresh starter to pitch into new worts.
I guess the secret is out…

Give US-05 a shot, but I’d be surprised if you haven’t used this one already.


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  1. I love US-05. I use it all the time, IPA, American Wheat, Stout, IIPA, RIS, whatever. It’s the greatest. It always ferments to a very low FG for me, which might be a word of warning. Or perhaps it is a word of encouragement. And the bottles always condition, too, even at 9% ABV. Great stuff!

  2. Grant

    I have a packet of US-05 that has a use by date March ’09 do you think it will still be effective. I’m going to use a starter before I pitch and see if I have any response. What is your opinion for using out of date yeast? Should I just throw it out?

  3. I would say throw it out. I mean, it could be ok but why risk it? Dry yeast is pretty cheap as compared to liquid yeast. I would buy some fresh stuff.

  4. Chris

    I pitched some US-05 into a beer yesterday with a 03/2009 use by date, and it’s fermenting like a good’un. Use by dates are mostly made up anyway. As you were…

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