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End of Year Sprint

It’s that time of the year where I start reflecting on what’s been brewed and what I wanted to brew this year.  After reading John’s Blonde Ale Recipe post, I started thinking of what I want to brew before the year is out.  The dead of winter isn’t my favorite time to be brewing so I want to stock up on some brews to drink through the coldest months.

Here’s what I am planning to knock out before the year is out:

Bohemian Pilsner –  I have the malts, hops and yeast.  I need to get my yeast into a starter this weekend so I can fire up the kettle some night next week.  After my failed Oktoberfest last year, I hope to redeem my lager attempts with this simple recipe (and much fresher yeast).

Best Bitter –  I want to explore a newish malt….New to me at least.  Carastan intrigues me.  It promises to deliver a malty toffee note to the brew.  I have some Maris Otter in the brewhouse still so I’ll use that up.  I also already have some London Ale yeast and some fresh EKG plugs.  So that beer too is ready to go.  I don’t need a starter because the OG will be pretty low.  I’ve made an Ordinary Bitter many times in the past and really love the style.  I thought I might push it up to the next level and make it a Best Bitter…but it’ll be a game time decision.

Oatmeal Stout – I’ve been brewing this one for years, and it’s a must have to get through the winter months.  I plan to brew this on the back side of the Best Bitter and repitch the yeast.  I have some Fuggles plugs and EKG pellets in stock, but I do need to go pick up some more Black Patent.  I recently toasted off a half pound of oats too.  So this one is 50-60% ready to brew too.

Flanders Red Ale –  I got some Roselare blend form Wyeast on my last trip to the brew shop. Normally, they don’t carry it so I jumped on it when they had it.   This beer will take 6 months to a year before it’s ready, so I’ll brew it and just put it away.  The initial ferment is done with WLP001, so maybe I’ll figure out something else to brew with American Ale yeast.

American Dark Lager (maybe) – I figure if I have the yeast cake from the BoPils I might try two lagers and do this one too. Admittedly, squeezing this one in may be a stretch but we’ll see.

So thats my list.  Wish me luck.



Blonde Ale Recipe


Mount Rainier Hops


  1. JW


    That’s a great wish list, although you might consider pushing the B. Pilsner until Feb or Mar so it finished lagering right around when spring starts to hit.

    Also, I have to admit that your posts on the rauchbier made me add that style to my ‘to-be-brewed-soon’ list.

    Best of luck!


  2. JW
    Thanks for the suggestions. I have four taps to fill in my kegerator, so I like to have something lighter balanced with something dark. I currently have a brown ale on, and I’ll add the O stout soon. The BoPils is really going to hopefully serve to just make some yeast for a couple more “winter” appropriate beers. I might try and lay down a munich Helles in Jan/Feb ready for spring.

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