In this day and age, there are yeast strains available for every beer style. When you are formulating recipes, it’s good to get familiar with the types of yeast strains available and which ones have been developed for the style of beer you are looking to brew. Here are some links to keep handy when researching yeast strains:

BYO Magazine’s Yeast Strain Chart

White Labs Yeast Strains

Wyeast Laboratories Yeast Strains

To make a beer to style, it is essential to use a strain that suits the style. To experiment and try something different, use a strain that hasn’t been developed specifically for the style you are brewing….like a white beer with a lager strain…which is my latest potential experiment.

Remember, yeast are your friends…even if they look funny. Based on the way I eat, I swear I was a yeast cell in a former life.

Beer Yeast

Saccharomyces cerevisiae images provided by Peter Hollenhorst and Catherine Fox.