Hi Brew Dudes fans – thanks for coming back to the blog and reading this post that showcases our Capcatcher Bottle Opener review.

We do receive from time to time items for us to try out and supply our always honest and semi-authoritative opinion about. Our new friends at Capcatchers wrote to us and explained what they wanted from us so we agreed to check it out.

First off, this bottle opener/cap catcher is really well made. The hardware is attached well to a solid piece of wood. It felt sturdy in one’s hand and I could see that it would last a long time. If you had a place where you opened bottles on a regular basis, this tool would be a very helpful addition to that space.

On the back of the piece of wood has a strong magnet, so you could attach it to your refrigerator door or other metal object. No additional effort needed if you just wanted to stick it on the fridge. If you wanted to attach it to the wall, it does come with mounting screws and a pre-drilled hole to make putting it on a wall somewhere very easy.

The bottle opener is steady and accessible. The process to open a bottle had no hang ups and was smooth. That notion may seem like a given, but I have encountered products being kinda funky with their main function.

The cap catcher below the opener is made of hard yet flexible, clear plastic. It’s a pouch with a snap on the bottom that allows for a quick purging of caps after you have opened 30 or so bottles (over time). I thought that was a pretty nifty innovation. It beats having to fish out the caps with your fingers.

So not only a great cap catcher but cap disposer too.

The last bit is the customization. You can have the peeps at Capcatchers customize the face of the bottle opener to say whatever you want it to say. We had our blog name put onto the front so that we can be reminded that somebody cared to give our long running site a shout.

Overall, the Capcatcher bottle opener is a great addition to our home brewery set up. For the die-hard DIYer reading this post, we can say that yes, you could make this on your own if you have the time and the right materials. We think we would rather support the craft makers who are making this bottle opener already with a lot good effort and care.

If you are thinking about what to buy as a present for that beer enthusiast in your life or that person who just like to open bottles, lots and lots of bottles, this Capcatcher can be a great personalized gift.

Take a closer look at this baby!

Capcatcher Bottle Opener

Check out their site here: http://www.capcatchers.com