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Bringing Homebrew To Work

When in the course of working events, beer brewing does come up in conversation.  I found out one of my co-workers is a homebrewer and I told him I would bring some homebrew into work today.

It’s definitely great to find someone where you spend most of your time that is interested in good beer and making beer.

I am happy to work at a place that is ok with a little embibing during work hours.

And a good Friday to you.

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  1. Must be nice! I’m not technically even allowed to bring the stuff on the premises where I work. All my exchanges are done under cover of secrecy in the parking lot – a brown paper bag exchange.

  2. Aaron

    Even the places I’ve worked that don’t allow alcohol on the premises haven’t had a problem with me bringing beer to give to someone. The fact that it’s homemade and that I’m merely transferring it, not opening it, seems to give me a pass.

    That said, I also keep it out of sight until the transfer is made and encourage the recipient to do the same, really just out of respect.

  3. I had a bad experience with this. I should have known better, the guy is a cocky jerk but I thought I could build a common ground with him. He all but told me and did tell all my coworkers behind my back that my beer sucked.

  4. mark taylor

    There was a time when all the working class imbibed during working hours. Here is what I wrote about it.


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