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Speaking of Giving the Gift of Brewing in a recent post, what’s on your personal “want” list for this Holiday season?  We all have big dreams of stainless steel, copper, and bubbling wort.  I was thinking about what items would I need to make the biggest impact in my brewing for the new year.  What equipment or other brewing aid would assist me in taking my brewing to the next level in 2009.
Here is my short list:

  1. Temp Control:  I have been too long without an operable beer fridge.  While I would like to get back into kegging, I miss the temperature control I used to have with brewing.  Seeing how I would still like to get lagering, I guess I would rather get a small chest freezer than a new fermenting fridge….but I’d still need a new fridge for dispensing beer from the keg.  I can dream right?
  2. I also really need a new wort chiller.  In the summer-time, wort chilling has been tough with just my small 20 foot immersion chiller.  I’d like to invest in a new 50 foot chiller and then I can use the current one as a prechiller.
  3. It’s not secret that I use a Corona Grain Mill for my grain prep.  I really like it and I have no issues with the quality and consistency of the crush.  With that said, in order to brew more often and brew bigger batches I’d really like to step up to a faster mill like a Barley Crusher.  That way I can use a drill and crush more grain in a shorter period.

So what’s on your list?!?


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  1. travis

    I have been bugging my wife to get me a pump, that would help save my back on our 20gal batches.

  2. I have been using a 3 tiered setup made of rebar for about 7 years…now for Christmas I am starting the parts list to build a brutus 10. Starting with pumps so I too can stop lifting big ole pots of hot wort.

  3. Phil Wasiolek

    Make 2 imersion chillers. One to put in the kettle and another one in another pot large enough to hold the 2nd chiller and a bag of ice and water. Run your cooling water through the first chiller slowly so it becomes real cold and it takes the heat out of your hot wort real quick! Easier then a counterflow chiller and you don’t need a pump

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