Sometimes we get beers sent to us from across the ocean, making this exchange program truly international in scope. These homebrews were sent from Sweden from a guy named Martin. We usually only publish our thoughts about one beer for these exchanges but because they were sent a long way, we decided to check out both. We’re glad we did since they were excellent. Check out this beers from Martin’s MyDogMorris Brewery!

The Beer Details

Here’s the information that Marin sent along with his homebrews.

Slipopit – This beer was brewed in the style of an Italian pilsner. This was his clone attempt on the famous (and his favorite) Italian pilsner Tipopils. He got the recipe from a homebrewing magazine and got very detailed information about how they brew it. When he compares his to the original, he thinks theirs is more smooth and his is more crisp like a German pilsner. So, he thinks there may be some tweaking needed to do to his water to lower the sulfate a bit. His beer had 3 different kinds of pilsner malt because he cleaned his shelves and used leftover grain from other beers.

Wakatu Porter – This beer is a fairly low ABV Porter but with a pretty solid body. He likes his dark beers to have a fuller mouthfeel; otherwise he thinks it just tastes like cold coffee. So he mashed at a high temp to get as much unfermentatble sugars in the beer and keep the alcohol levels low. He sought to balance the maltiness with Wakatu hops, which he had left over from other beers.

Our Tasting Notes

The Pilsner was brilliantly clear with a wonderful yellow gold color and we felt that the beer was practically flawless. Having been shipped all the way from Sweden, it was amazing to see and taste how well it held up.

On the American Porter, John detected notes of coffee in the aroma. Mike really noticed the freshness of the roasted malt aromas as well.

Overall, this exchange was one of the best we’ve ever had. Thanks to Martin for sharing his beers with us.