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Bramling Cross Hops

Back to the Brew Dudes’ internal search queries I go to find hop varieties for which our readers are looking for information.  One variety that we haven’t done a profile on is Bramling Cross hops.

I have never seen these at my local homebrew shop but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them online.  They are an English hop variety developed by a Professor E.S. Salmon at Wye College in 1927.  As the name implies, they are a cross of the Bramling variety of Goldings hops and a Manitoban (that’s Canada, eh?) wild male. Professor Salmon also developed Brewer’s Gold hops, among other varieties, just so you know.  I am guessing they were looking to breed a hop that could replace Goldings – yield more cones, be resistant to more diseases.

Here are the specs:

Origin: UK

Aroma: Black Currants. Vanilla?  Earthy.

Alpha Acid: 5 to 7%

Typical Usage:  Dual Purpose, but I think it would be better as an aroma hop

Beer Styles: I am thinking dark English ales and Holiday ales. If you use it for pale ales, it may not have that traditional hop character that you or judges may be looking for. Give them a try.



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  1. Eric

    What timing! I literally bought these hops about an hour ago at beer-wine in Woburn. I plan on using them in my porter I will be brewing this weekend.

  2. Mike

    Cool Eric:
    Let us know how the Porter comes out.
    How are things at Woburn Beer-Wine Hobby these days?

  3. Luke

    Bramling Cross is the big flavor/aroma hop addition in Thiriez Extra (Etoile du Norde), which is in my opinion one of the best saisons out there.

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