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BrewFerm No Boil Beer Kit Review

Hey there, you fans of saving time and energy while brewing beer at home. We have the post for you right here. We were sent a bunch of kits to learn more about and we brewed one for all to see. Take a gander at this BrewFerm no boil beer kit review, won’t you?

No Boil Beer Kit Benefits

So, certainly this method of brewing is not the typical one for these Brew Dudes, but we are always open-minded when it comes to homebrewing. We did write a book about extract brewing back in 2019 When BrewFerm reached out to us, we accepted their offer to send us a few kits to try out.

For your understanding, these beer kits include pre-hopped, malt extract, yeast, and an instruction sheet. You will need a fermentation vessel that holds more than 3 gallons of wort and you’ll need to have the ability to sanitize your equipment. Besides those items, you’ll need a clean water source and sugar.

The big benefit that these kits provide homebrewers is the time savings. As you’ll see in the video, I brewed this kit in 15 minutes – 20 minutes if you count clean-up time which was minimal. If you’re someone who is just starting to homebrew or you’re someone who likes to brew quickly, these kits are for you.

One note we got from the manufacturer, you’re supposed to condition these beers for 6 to 8 weeks after fermentation. We didn’t mention that in the video, but if you’re patient and following the instructions to the letter – do that.

We do have a few to give away so if you’re so inclined, leave us a comment below and we’ll add you to the group of people who are eligible for some free beer (please be in one of the 48 contiguous US states).

Hope you enjoyed this post. You can use our discount code brewdudesbogo for a buy 2, get one free deal at BrewFerm.com.



St. Patrick’s Day Irish Red Ale


Cucumber Stout


  1. James

    Definitely interested in a way to do quick batches when I’m low on time

  2. These kits will help in that department!

  3. Jeff

    I have used the WilliamsWarn kits and the Brewferm kits. Both are excellent. I use a WilliamsWarn BrewKeg 10L Unitank to ferment/carbonate my brews. Great kits, great beer and great time savings. I also have supplemented these kits with hops and other adjuncts.
    Brewferm are 12 L kits, but I just do a 10L brew, and add less sugar. The result is more flavor and less alcohol burn. The nice thing with unitanks is that you can brew great pilsners at room temperature, with very little ester production. With the IPAs and Ales, I turn down the pressure, to get more ester flavor.
    Unitanks can go from start of fermentation to pouring your Pilsner in just 10 days… Awesome!

  4. Hi Jeff – thanks for your comment. We appreciate your insight!


  6. Chris Kearns

    I just bought my first Brewferm brewing kit a few weeks ago. I just recieved my empty beer bottles today and my Sacred Saison home brew that I made with my new kit is just about ready to be bottled! Super easy kit to use. Can’t wait to get bottling! Would love to try some more styles.

  7. Hi Chris – thanks for the comment. Glad you are enjoying the hobby. Brew On!

  8. Brian

    Nice article. Glad I found your website. Just getting started with this hobby.

  9. Excellent – brew on!

  10. Peter Engelen

    Ik heb deze potten aangeschaft, maar het is in het Engels heeft u die ook in het Nederlands,
    de bereidingswijze

  11. Nee, we hebben alleen de instructies in het Engels.

    No – we only have the instructions in English.

    (Google Translate)

  12. Mark

    I like the Belgian Tripel. A bit spicy, but definitely flavorful. Next up, either Divine Deliverance or Wicked Wheat

  13. Excellent! Brew on!

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