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For my April 2012 brew I hemmed and hawed quite a bit over what to brew.   I have some Stout and a Brown that are drinking nice right now; I wasn’t ready to brew another dark beer.  I just brewed a Pale ale that’s ready to start drinking  this weekend. I have a cherry wheat beer that I finally resurrected from the dead. I have an American Cream Ale that is about 2/3 empty.  I know that I want to rebrew the stout, brown and cream again this year with minor tweaks; but I really wanted to brew something different that all that this time around.

Eventually, I settled on a Hefewiezen.  Then I started to think well how much do I really like a hefe? If I don’t drink it, will my in-laws??? Should I brew the Cream ale for the in-laws (they all live next door too)??

I figured I’d brew an american Hefe because I don’t like clove flavors.  Then I thought I’ll add some orange peel that sounds nice.  They I realized I was just heading down the road to my Harpoon UFO white clone I made a two years ago.

So with all that story out of the way, tonight I’ll gather the equipment up, measure the water and start the yeast for my Orange Wheat recipe (only 5 gallons instead of 10 in the recipe). I’ll be making some modifications and dropping the corriander, just to focus on those orange citrus flavors.  Normally, I’d use the Belgian WLP400 Wit Beer strain, but to satisfy that curiosity without committing to a true Hefe I am using the American Hefe Yeast WLP320.  Much less clove and banana than a WLP300 German Strain. So I am calling it an American Wit Beer…shoot me.

Not as creative but I really like this recipe.  I am trying not to buy too commercial beer much as I am brewing regularly now, so I better get some UFO White like beer in a keg to keep me from buying some.

I’ll toss up some comments tomorrow night as I brew on the Twitter feed and maybe a pic or two as I go.



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  1. Tom j

    How didthis turn out?? I plan to do the same clone but with citra hops. Will you post your 5 gal extract recipe?

  2. As I remember Tom j, it didn’t last long. Read this post to convert the all grain recipe to extract.


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