Hey there,

The Brew Dudes have been busy this week. There weren’t many posts but there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes. After some pseudo-careful planning, I headed off to my LHBS (did Mike originate the initializing of Local HomeBrew Shop? – just wondering) and bought some ingredients for my American Pale Ale. Then, I stopped by the closest Mega Warehouse/Box Hardware Store (I’m not initializing that) and bought a picnic cooler.

It’s my first mash tun…aw!

I took some pictures of my purchases.

Mash Tun Victory Malt
Honey Malt Special B Malt
California V Ale Yeast Glacier Hop Plugs

These ingredients are for my American Pale Ale recipe and this post is a part of my first attempt at a brew log…I am going to document the whole process. Please tag along if you like. I would say I am an intermediate homebrewer, so hopefully this brew log will allow me to teach as well as open it up for me to learn from more experienced homebrewers.

Brew on!