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2012 Mazer Cup Award

With a lot of beginner’s luck, my raspberry mead places in the 2012 Mazer Cup’s Dry Melomel category.

Mazer Cup Award

Not bad for a first try. If you want to follow along, take a look at the posts leading up to this one.

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  1. Raspberry mead… Not gonna lie here. I’m drooling a little bit!

  2. Congratulations! Not bad for a first time.

  3. chris

    That is fantastic. How old was it? It can’t have been more that 6 months? Nice work with the yeast feeding.

  4. Hey chris,

    I made it on October 1 so it would have been 5 months old at the competition time. There was a comment from one of the judges about a slight yeast nutrient taste to it, so maybe I overdid it a bit. It will be interesting to see how this mead matures.

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