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Raspberry Mead Update

I have been having fun with this mead but I don’t exactly know what I am doing.  I added yeast nutrient and yeast energizer to the fermentation bucket every day for the first three days.

I was degassing the must.  I was adding the stuff.  I was stirring it up again.

Although I didn’t take a gravity reading after it all came together, I found a calculator online and estimated that started off at 1.110.

When I took a gravity reading at day three, it was at 1.040.

Two days ago, the gravity reading was at 1.000.

The plan was to let it hang in primary for two weeks and then rack it to a glass carboy for some conditioning for… I don’t know… two months.

I’ll keep tasting it over the course of the conditioning phase.  The few samples I did taste were fusel-ly as all hell.

I don’t know how this mead is going to turn out but I am not giving up hope.

Here’s some photos of the fun.

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  1. michael

    That two months in the conditioner may make all the difference in the world. I had a strawberry blonde ale that I created (10 pounds of awesome strawberry goodness added to it) and it was NASTY after the proper fermentation time had passed. But after conditioning in growlers for like three months, it was AMAZING.

    Don’t give up hope just yet. You could have an awesome mead on your hands if you let time do its thing. 🙂

  2. I should have picked you up a wine thief so we can easily sample from the carboy during the conditioning phase. Or maybe just a long straw and your wife can just slurp some up while she does laundry.

  3. I have a crappy plastic thief that breaks into three segments. I would like to get an upgrade.

    I’m racking it to glass this weekend. I’ll taste it again and see how it is.

  4. chris

    After primary my meads have all smelled like nail polish remover mixed with antiseptic. After 2 weeks in a secondary the meads are clear and distinctly less foul. I then put them into a tertiary under CO2 for 2 months. The antiseptic goes leaving trace fusels at which point i bottle. The fusels go after the next few months. You´ll be fine.

  5. Jim

    Here’s to hoping for a quick turnaround.

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