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Drinking Maine Beer

Here is the recap of our trip up to Portland, ME for the Maine Brewers’ Festival:

Some points of interest:

  • Hurricane Noel hit Portland just in time for the beginning of festival, which made for walking from the hotel to the expo center a bit of a challenge.

A good time as always. Next year, we will make sure we get our tickets extra early. Ask me to tell you the story about how we almost didn’t all make it this year. Then again, don’t.


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  1. Lisa

    Love the video!

    Please tell us the story about how you almost missed the fest!! j/k LOVE YA!

  2. LB

    Hey! What about that story about you almost missing the fest?????!!!!!!!!!

  3. J

    Any of you lucky Maine beer drinkers want to swap beers. I want to try a couple of the Allagash beers but cannot get them in Indiana. Tell me what you want to try and maybe we can work out a swap!

  4. Hey J,

    Yeah, we can swap with you. Write to us at the email address on our contact page and we’ll arrange it. Thanks.

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