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10 Gallon Cooler For Mash Tun

I bought a ten gallon cooler for a mash tun.  I decided that the 5 gallon cooler just wasn’t cutting it with the bazooka screen.

Top of 10 Gallon Cooler  10 Gallon Cooler for Mash Tun  Inside of 10 Gallon Cooler

The next step is to buy a false bottom with some tubing and a 3/8 to 1/2 fitting to connect to my ball valve spigot.

Then, I should be on my way to brewing that Saison I have been writing about for weeks.


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  1. I use a 10 gallon cooler for my mash tun, and I think it was one of my best early choices when I went all grain.
    one of the best uses for this is mashing overnight, you won’t lose more than 10degrees in a 12 hr period, and really saves on the time. I use a wire thermometer with a prope at the end, and a digital readout attachment. This is generally used for BBQ, but the wire is so thin, you can put the probe at the bottom of the mash, and still screw on the top. Then just attach it to the digital readout and put it on the top of your tun overnight. you’ll save alot of time mashing overnight, just don’t let it fall below 140

  2. Schubrew

    I have the exact cooler/mash tun and connected is a SS braided hose from a water heater to a SS ball valve spigot. Simple, easy and not expensive.

  3. Jimbob

    you mash for 12 hours?!?!? never heard of that, I thought mashes were supposed to generally last an hour…

  4. sorry took so long to get back to this, Ha ha, I hope this is still relevent. True, it really takes about an hour to convert, with these highly modified malts, you have no need for test strips. (at least I never did, Mike said I didn’t need them, Ha). But some Pilsner malts will take longer, and I try to give the Pilsners a good 2 hrs to convert.
    However, with 2 kids time is of the essence, and anything I can do to shorten, or split up my brew day helps immensly. I know that nothing food borne can grow at temps above 140 f. I’ve read about people mashing in overnight, I gave it a try, and it works great. This works well with the cooler mash tun, especially this 10 gallon gott model. The twist on lid give it great temp retention, and it will lose about 5-10 degrees overnight. Again if your doing a light bodied beer, watch out, I wouldn’t do this method if your mashing in at 142 f, but for 150f and higher mash, this method works great for those of us who are time impared. The long mash will do nothing to hurt the flavor of your beer.

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