Sometimes I research hops because of their replacement value of other well known/popular hops. Because of the shortage, Sterling hops have been mentioned as a suitable alternative to Saaz hops. Since summer is almost here, maybe you are getting ready to brew a nice pilsner for some hot weather enjoyment. Here’s our profile of Sterling hops:

Origin: America – Released in 1998. Not sure who released it but it looks like the origin is Oregon specifically. There is a bit of mystery of the hops’ heritage. All sources say it have a Saaz parent, but a list of other hop varieties are mentioned in its lineage:

  • Hallertauer
  • Mt. Hood
  • Cascade
  • Brewer’s Gold
  • 64035M
  • Early Green

So, I don’t know. Maybe all of them?!?!

Aroma: Fine, Rustic, Earthy, Spicy. Similar to Saaz.

Alpha Acid: Between 6 and 9%

Typical Usage: Used as aroma primarily. Bittering is mentioned as well.

Beer Styles: Pilsners! From what I have read, Sterling was developed as a US version of Saaz. One of the outcomes was to breed a variety that would generate a greater yield. Although some would say you can’t replace the original, Sterling may be a good alternative to Saaz if you can’t find it.

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