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2008 Extreme Beer Fest

Mike and I attended the Extreme Beer Fest presented by BeerAdvocate on February 16 (that’s last Saturday for those of you keeping score at home).  It was and is a tremendous time.  There are many takeaways in experiencing the results of brewers pushing the limits of beer.  High alcohol content is just one part of the “extremeness” of what was offered at the fest.  Odd ingredients and brewing methods were also on hand, and certainly gave tasters a lot to wrap their palates around.

Beyond all the beers, there was a cool speaker panel session that we sat in on where brewers like Jim Koch from Sam Adams and Matt Cohen from Magic Hat spoke and answered questions from the crowd.

There were many great beers to discuss here on our site.  We videotaped our sampling of the Three Floyds Brewing Company’s Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout.  Here is the video of our experience:

We had to wait in line for 10 minutes (or so…I think it was longer) to actually get a sample.  They opened the tap for the Dark Lord at 4PM…the fest started at 1PM…last call was at 4:15PM…you do the math.

A lot of fest attendees were out of luck since the keg ran out before everyone got a sample.  After we tried the Dark Lord, Mike’s wife and I walked across the hall to try Sixpoint Craft Ales’ Sixpoint Bolshoi…which we liked better.  🙂


Glacier Hops


Honey Malt


  1. Isaac Orcutt

    Why don’t they have anything like this in Chicago?

    Being in Chicago I had the chance to visit Three Floyds Brew Pub a few weeks back…pretty cool operation. They do make some great beer. Didn’t have the chance to sample the Dark Lord, but we did have quite a bit of the Alpha King, Pride and Joy, and Robert the Bruce.

    Next time you are in Chicago, it’s worth the 30 minute drive to Munster, Indiana for some great beer.

  2. RAF

    Goose Island used to host the Real Ale Fest, the best of its kind in the US, through 2003. Chicago’s lawmakers have made it incredibly difficult to jump through all the necessary hoops, however, and with the unavailability of a suitably-sized venue, compounded with strict insurance and licensing requirements, that festival is no more. Any similarly-sized festival would suffer the same fate at the hands of the mayor and co.

    It’s too bad, as the RAFs I attended in 2002 and 2003 were incredible, fun, social events. MADD’s influence and misinformation is far too pervasive.

  3. Issac –

    Thanks for the info. I have never been to Chicago, but if I get the chance I make it a point to get out to the brewery.

    RAF – It’s too bad about the politics. I am surprised there are as many fests in Boston. Sorta flies in the face of our Puritanical nature. 🙂

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