We love brewing for The Dash. This time, we present a comparison between two dry beer yeasts. White Labs WLP001 has been available in liquid form but now you can get it in the dry format too. We brewed two beers from the same wort to note the differences between dry WLP001 and Safale US-05 and bring our thoughts to you.

The Experiment Details

Our experiment began with the careful crafting of a classic American Pale Ale. Utilizing a recipe featuring 92% Rahr 2-Row Pale malt and 8% Crystal malt for color and character, we controlled every aspect of the brewing process. From the water source (pure spring water with no additives) to the hop additions (Cascade Hops at 60 and 15 minutes and flameout), we ensured a consistent foundation for our yeast comparison. rewed one batch of wort and split it between two fermentors. Each fermentor was inoculated with a separate yeast strain so we could compare them.

Heading 2

With the wort prepared, it was time to introduce our yeast contenders. Splitting the batch into two fermentors, one received WLP001 while the other was inoculated with US-05. After fermentation, a blind taste test with Mike so he could give his feedback on aroma, taste, and overall impressions.

Mike’s reactions were illuminating. While both beers exhibited the main notes of the American Pale Ale recipe, it was clear that each yeast strain imparted its own unique profile. The beer fermented with WLP001 showcased a subtle maltiness with hints of peach, while the one brewed with US-05 boasted a pronounced hop aroma and cleaner finish.

Our WLP001 vs. US-05 Conclusions

With the differences we encountered with WLP001 and US-05, our preference for our SMaSH beer series will continue to be US-05. This strain appeared to present stronger hop aroma and flavor. In addition, the cheaper price point makes it more affordable as well. However, your choice of yeast ultimately depends on factors such as beer style and personal preference.