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Warrior Hops

Continuing with the hop profiling, here is one on Warrior hops.

It was bred on the Yakima Chief Ranches and the name Warrior is a trademark of that company.  It appears that a before market name for the variety was YCR005.

On the Yakima Chief website, they state that the hop is of “recent origin”.  I did some digging in an independent hop harvesting report and the first year Warrior hops were harvested was 2001.

Warrior hops’ lineage is unknown to the general public…at least from what I read.

They are another one of these low cohumulone varieties that make for a pleasing bitterness.

Origin: Washington State

Aroma/Flavor: Grapefruity and lemony, some piney notes.  Also saw pineapple as a descriptor

Alpha Acid: 15.0-17.0%

Typical Usage: Bittering

Beer Styles: Pale Ale, IPA


Fermentation Activity


Craft Beer


  1. Hopshead

    I just brewed an all Warrior strong pale ale. The hops were so high alpha, that I hopbursted the beer. I have to say, I thought the hops were “clean.” A little flavor reminiscent of citrus hops, but nothing like cascades.

  2. I loves me the Warrior hops. We just brewed up a big batch IPA with them (20 gallons). My is called the Vulcan Warrior since it was brewed on August 23. I’ve got lots of cascade added to compliment the citrus.

  3. Interesting comments! I think “clean” is a good descriptor.

  4. nils

    Just brewed an IPA using all Warrior hops 7 additions – 60-0min. Very clean with piney and lemon notes. Lots of citrus but NOT leaning towards pineapple or grapefruit. I find the cleanness could also be described as mellow. Made for a very enjoyable easy drinking beer.

  5. Ali

    I made a one hop Warrior IPA.
    Calculated 54 IBU.
    .5 oz at 60.
    1 oz 15.
    1 oz flame out.
    1 oz dry hopped 2 weeks.
    Bitter is clean definitely not a piney flavor.
    Flavor seems to be citrusy.
    Aroma is so vague I smell almost nothing.
    I would use for bitter but go somewhere else for flavor and aroma.
    I’ll probably go with simcoe as aroma and decide on another northwest hop for flavor.

  6. Laurence Macurda

    Warrior…implied something dramatic…so I made a SMASH with our local Skagit Valley pale malt. Whoa!!! Lemon citrus and bitter. A rival to my SMASH Citra and Mosaic.

  7. Nice! Thanks Laurence.

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